Zoom Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular services that we are able to provide our patients is teeth whitening. When you smile, the first thing that others will immediately notice is the color of your teeth. Everybody wants sparkling white teeth but sometimes this is difficult to obtain. Over time, our teeth tend to darken for a number of reasons. Whether it is because of coffee, tea, or tobacco consumption or due to the use of antibiotics or simply because of age, it is practically impossible for active people to retain the natural whiteness of their teeth. However, we are able to help you return your teeth’s state to its natural whiteness through his teeth whitening services.

Utilizing one of the most efficient and quickest teeth whitening systems, we are able to whiten your teeth in just one hour. Using the Zoom teeth whitening service, we have been helping people improve the color of their teeth for many years. The effectiveness of this quick teeth whitening system will be immediately apparent, as in just one hour of Zoom treatment, you will find that your teeth will look up to eight shades lighter.

Zoom has become a staple teeth whitening procedure offered by cosmetic dentists throughout the country. Named because of how quickly it obtains results, Zoom is a simple dental procedure that can easily be squeezed into the most hectic of schedules. A teeth bleaching treatment, the Zoom procedure follows these steps:

  1. First, we will check your teeth and gums to determine whether or not they are healthy enough to handle bleaching.
  2. Once, he has determined that you are able to handle the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, we will then spread a whitening gel over your teeth. The essential ingredient in this whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Using the Zoom low-heat light activation device, we will then activate and break down the whitening gel. The hydrogen peroxide found in the whitening gel will break down, allowing oxygen to enter your teeth that bleaches your dentin and enamel.
  4. These twenty-minute gel applications will be repeated twice and is followed up by a five-minute fluoride treatment.